About Rod Millner the Director

The film is a great introduction into the world of Rod Millner. This is a man who literally has no fear of doing anything having been a Commando in the Aust Special Forces, a born thrill seeking maniac, jumping out of just about every airplane you can imagine with his parachute firmly attached.

Rod has had a world of experience prior to moving into film production and directing from working with underprivileged youth, he has set world records in Skydiving and successfully fought in the ring in the Aust Kung Fu championships to working as a supervisor in the 9/11 Ground Zero Tragedy in New York, 2001 looking for survivors.

Rod’s eyes have seen a great deal in life and now it’s this eye that is following his long time passion to create entertaining films with believable and engaging characters.

As a graduate of both the APA International Film School and then the ‘The Dov SS Simmons Film School’ (former students include Quentin Tarantino, Guy Ritchie, and BazLuhrman), Rod has spent many years studying the film industry and perfecting his Directing techniques. Recently he completed a ‘Director’s Studio’ course at NIDA – Australia’s reputable arts entertainment and film school.

Rod’s experience in the extreme and his relaxed onset demeanour enables those around him to give their best and feel they are appreciated and respected. As Rod says:

My main inspiration for any film comes from the story itself. I search for great scripts that are unique in their approach, unfold cleverly, revealing intricate character details and unpredictable plots all coupled together with some real life experience.

To get a glimpse into this thrill seekers life you can watch the following video below. This is a man that knows danger and a man that is well on his way to bringing his own personal life experiences with his great visionary talents and turning them into entertaining films about some of the darker sides of life while adding his own “Millner” dark edge humour in the process.