About The Film

Who Pays The Hitman, is a film about a doctor, two patients, a priest and a Hitman that get thrown together in the emergency room of a rundown hospital late one Saturday night.

The doctor patient relationship and priest’s vows bind both to silence as the Hitman slowly reveals his purpose. Moral and ethical dilemmas are intensified when a badly mutilated prostitute is brought in by the man responsible for her condition.

With 3 questions being asked by the film…

  • Will he get away with murder if no one takes action ?
  • Do the Doctor and the Priest sacrifice everything they believe in ?
  • And who will pay the Hitman ?

This great debut film from Rod Millner, encapsulates the entire gamit of what it means to be an independent film producer and director in Australia. Rod Millner has put together a team interesting miss-guided characters and added a camera and stirred it all together with a great script to get “Who Pays TheHitman” onto the silver screen.

The cast is about Australian as you can get and demonstrates the diversity of the“Australian working mindset” and just how far things can go wrong or right depending on which characters eyes you watch this film through.